Recruitment Processes

As Şua İnşaat, while working for people´s happiness, trust, peace and comfort, we move forward with the fact that our most important part that enables us to achieve these goals is our human resources. As we walk confidently towards our 30th anniversary, we are expanding our expert team, which adds value to the corporate structure and professional stance of our company, and we are working hard to keep their motivation and excitement at the highest level. As a result, we are proud of having a strong staff that is responsible, friendly, innovative, reliable, researcher, solution-oriented, sharing and working in harmony with each other, just as we imagined.

We have managed to become a real family with our team, which has been with us for many years, and we are very happy to be growing this solid structure with our new teammates who joined us. If you would like to be a part of the Şua İnşaat family, which fulfills its duties with great passion and devotion, we would be very pleased to get to know you.

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Open positions and application
Preliminary Interview

At this stage, the relevant position requirements are shared with the candidate during the telephone or face-to-face interview.


Application forms are evaluated together with the CVs of the candidates who were not eliminated as a result of the preliminary interview and continue the recruitment process.


Candidates who will continue the process after the recruitment evaluations are informed about the knowledge, intelligence, talent, personality and psychology subjects in accordance with the relevant position.Various exams are available.


Interviews, called selection interviews, are held with candidates who pass the tests and examinations. At this stage, mixed interviews or stress interviews are applied by the recruiter or department manager.

Reference Check

At this stage of the recruitment process, the final evaluation process is completed by making reference interviews of the people who are determined as suitable candidates.


Candidates who successfully pass all processes are evaluated by the HR Officer or Departmental Officers. The result of the decision is shared with the relevant candidate and the recruitment process is completed.